Let the season begin…


I’m sitting in the departure lounge at Heathrow trying to comprehend how the last two months have already flown by.

It only felt like a week ago when I’d pulled up stumps for 2016 just before Xmas. Take a couple weeks off to regenerate and the get back out there for the winter slog just like last year.

It would be cold, unpleasant, a mash of nothingness, 50/50 sets, blowouts, flakes, dates-to-nowhere, near misses and then BOOM the fabled +1 notification sent far and wide. Rinse, repeat until spring rolls around.

Not this year though. In the two months since Xmas I’ve probably done about 12 sets in total. I wasn’t planning on dong so little over this period, but that’s the way it just turned out. Truth be told, running around London in the cold (and it’s deffo been colder this year) chasing birds was waaay down the priority list.

I saw my SDL Romanian for a while and got to fuck her on the Thames path. Her bent over the railing moaning like whore whilst I banged from behind. That’s about the only half decent girl related story I have of late.

I’ll get back out their next week proper was the mantra since last January. But it never got going. 

Those who have taken any type of extended break from DG know that the longer you leave it, the more brutal your reintroduction becomes. You get over it, but it’s definitely not pleasant for those first few sessions.

In fact, it’s prob easier to go for a week abroad and get the rustiness gone though an immersion session.

Go somewhere nice and warm where just being outside feels nice. Where the locals can speak decent English so you can get into the groove quite easy. A place where most of the sets will stop, even if they are busy, to give you the time of day and a confidence boost. A non-nationalist country where just beings foreigner will do most of the heavy lifting for you.

Just ease back into it like slipping into a warm bath.

Fuck that for a joke.

I’m off to St. Petersburg in the dead of winter with fuck all momentum 🙂

Getting back into this the hard way with the hottest bitches.

Oooo, yeah 😉

Excuse me fellas, my flight is boarding.

The yearly review

As 2016 comes to a close it’s time to list the stats for the year and also provide some high level observations. Over the course of the year I bedded 10 new girls of which nine came from DG. The other was a social circle lay from last NYE which technically meant I started 2016 with 1 lay from zero approaches 😃

Let’s look into the DG stats for the year:

FB closes and idates not inc.

I consider 2016 to be my breakout year for DG. It’s the first time I started getting anything close to what can be considered consistent results. Considering I am still plugged in (office job) and do most of my DG in London these stats would, imho, put me in the intermediate level of the DG pyramid. I can get results, but geez I have to work hard to get them!

Let’s peel the onion a little more in terms of the lucky nine girls.

Girls’ ratings discussed with fellow DG’ers by looking at whatsapp profile pics and/or naked on the bed after sex pics. It’s as scientific as you can get! The ratings are definitely on the conservative side.

I subscribe to Krauser’s YHT view on girls you should be going after. I turned 33 mid way through the year and would consider myself a 6 (could be a 7 if I bulked up). The average girl I layed in 2016 was just under 26 years old, a high 6 and most likely from a FSU country (probably making her a high 7 western girl). YHT box ticked (just). The lays for these girls came fast too as on average I only needed 1.1 dates to get them into bed. I put this down to a mixture of r-selected approach to game and getting yes or strong maybe girls.

What I definitely found towards the end of the year was that the girls I was getting out were of higher quality. But I wasn’t able to f-close them generally losing them after the first date. Typical progression as the street game gets tighter and draws in more maybe or weak maybe girls, but the dating/seduction skill set not improving as fast. In-date calibration is something I definitely want to improve for in 2017. I reckon I lost three lays in the last three months from going for the lay on the first date when (upon reflection) the optimal play would have to delay until date two or beyond. This was no doubt fueled from the knowledge that all my lays for the year had come very fast. Generating attraction and arousal are after all two different skill sets every playa must learn.

So where did the girls I got out on dates come from?

idates not inc.

Yeah, I can safely say that I do ok with the FSU types 😏 Two trips to Russia and one to Ukraine helped but even in London I have a sixth sense for spotting them in the crowds. Well, actually, it’s not that hard as they generally are the hottest ones you see about.

Does this mean I have a FSU crutch? Maybe I should use 2017 to go after English, Asian and Spanish girls to balance out this overwhelming skewed stat?

Fuck that, I’ll stick to the “easy” FSU girls and leave the others to the more advanced DG’ers 😂

Am I happy with my performance in 2016? On reflection over the whole year, yes. Notwithstanding I am hungry for more notches of higher quality.

Ups and downs, swings and roller-coasters, the highest highs and some lowest lows, boyfriends, blowouts and meltdowns along side hot birds, fast sex and trips to foreign places. But that’s the nature this beast we call DG.

Bring on 2017 and more adventures!

Sick Day = Same Day Lay (inc Anal)

I’ll be shameless regurgitating this story until I’m old and grey. It truly is one of those ‘only in DG’ episodes 🙂

Strap yourselves in, this is a bit of a long post.

After finishing a torrid after work session on Tuesday night I decided that I was going to take the following day off sick and head into town to do some DG.

The reason? A flake rate of biblical proportions.

Not just me either, all the active DG’ers I know had been experiencing the same frustrations over the past 6 weeks or so. It seemed lately that there were no good times or places to ply the trade effectively. After work, weekends, Oxford Street, Westfields, Covent Garden, Museums, Trafalgar Square, you name it. Digits were still coming in steadily enough, but they were going nowhere in hurry. The only thing I could think of was that MAYBE things could be different during a weekday.

So on Wednesday at around 2pm with everyone else grinding away their souls in the office drone existence that society has dubbed as ‘respectable employment’, I was ambling through Pester Square looking for birds to hit on.

And what a bird I ended up finding 😉

A dreamy girl with long brunette hair, smoldering eyes, angular features and sporting a knee length puffer jacket. Now the jacket was doing a great/annoying job in concealing her body from any type of meaningful 1-10 rating, but seeing how sharp her facial features were I was fairly certain the what lay underneath was at the upper end of the rating scale.

Worthy of opening? Um, YES!

BOOM! She instantly spazzed out, hooking before I had even finished the opener and before you knew it we were getting hot and heavy in the nearby Hippodrome Casino with a sexual interlude (ie me balls deep in her ass) in the disabled toilets to her finish off.

Sadly not… I had to work my ass off (and then hers) for this one.

She was immediately skeptical after I opened. As I started getting into the Geography stack (my first guess was Russian) she wouldn’t tell me where she was from. Not in a playful way either, she just made me keep guessing. Changing track I decided to just do a simple introduction. She wouldn’t even tell me her name. WTF?! But she was still standing there so I plowed on.

Not long after the reason came out. This ‘type of thing’ had happened to her recently on Oxford Street and in her native country she was familiar with the tactics of so called ‘relationship coaches’ which were eerily similar to what was now reoccurring in London.

“Is this what you do? Are you familiar with this type of thing?”

“I just go after what I find attractive and let the rest sort itself out.”

“Oh!” (giggles)

About 10 mins later we were sitting in PUA Pret on an idate. Once her jacket came off a wry smirk formed across my face. Deffo at the upper end of the scale as I originally guessed, an absolute rocking body she has. As it turns out she is from Romania, arrived in London a month earlier, works remotely and has quite a playful yet sassy personality. But what you really want to know is that she is a solid 7. Would have been a high 7 a few years earlier, but at age 28 she falls back into the solid 7 bracket.

I wasn’t in SDL mode yet, it was just an idate. I was 20 numbers in a row without a fresh D2 (technically I still am now that I think about it!) so the chance to spend some time with a quality bird was very appealing. It also came out that she wasn’t doing much for the rest of the day. Time, for once, was on my side.

I suggested we take a walk and go over to South Bank after she mentioned she still hadn’t seen a lot of Central London. No objections and we were on our way.

By the time we had crossed the Golden Jubilee Bridge she had well and truly settled into the flow of things and was happy to be led. For a EE girl she sure could banter and tease which made it all the more enjoyable for me too.

Walking east along South Bank I started realizing that things were moving towards SDL territory. She was upping her attempts to get a rise out me whilst I just held the frame. I was teasing and playing the horrible tour guide to perfection. Passing Blackfriars Bridge I was well and truly in SDL mode. I suggested we stop and get a drink at the pub were were coming up on.

A double scotch for both of us (yes, she drinks scotch) and straight into the questions game. No dilly-dallying either, sexual questions right off the bat. How old were you when you first had sex? What is your current sexual fantasy? She fired some of her own straight back at me. When was the last time you had sex? Do you like to dominate or be dominated? As the scotches went down the animal instincts started coming out. Her eyes had become very dilated and I’m pretty sure mine would have been too. Escalating in the pub was a no go as it was packed and we were sitting right in the middle of it surrounded by others. The sun had however gone down and so I suggested we continue our walk down South Bank.

Outside I went for my first kiss attempt. It was rejected, but in a playful way.  As we continued down river she started linking her arm through mine as we walked and bantered with me pushing her away every so often to keep the push/pull going. Closer towards London Bridge I went for the second attempt, again rejected. No bother, her body language told me it would only be matter of time.

Coming up on Tower Bridge we decided to go and get a bight to eat. It had been around 5 hours since I approached her and we had walked a hell of a long way. I decided Pizza Express near the Tower of London was ideal given its bounceback logistics/proximity to my place.

Crossing Tower Bridge I went for the third attempt but in a much more forceful way. Again rejected and much more firmly than before. The saving grace was her shyly saying “there are too many people around!”. In other words, not ‘no’ just ‘not here’. Gradual escalation does indeed tell you exactly where you are with a girl.

Pizza Express was all about comfort. We ordered some food, a bottle of Malbec and just chatted about everyday shit. Dare I say it was very much BF/GF esque. Yuk…

Heading back outside after dinner was the moment of truth. The plan was one final kiss attempt to be followed by a bounceback request. As we started nearing the tube under the pretense that we would both be heading our separate ways I stopped, pulled in nice and close by the waist and went for the kiss. 4th time lucky as it turns out. She turned to jelly in my arms but still managed to kiss me back passionately. Later on I would find out that this moment was when she knew she would be having sex that night. Apparently the sexual energy I forced into her through my kiss overwhelmed her. Awww yeah!

Before long we were back in my flat just chilling and waiting for my flat mate to head off to the gym. The second he was out the door we were all over each other. Soon we were in the bedroom and stripping down when she dropped a bit of a bombshell on me. It was her time of the month. FUCK!

It wasn’t a complete disaster as it was only the first day of her cycle. After some gentle persuasion (me sucking on her titties until she moaning like a whore) she agreed to take a shower and see how ‘it’ would feel for her. Unfortunately, not that good. After her shower and a blanket laid out we were fucking for about 5 mins before she asked to stop. It felt too dirty for her.

So there we are lying naked on a partly blood splattered blanket, her feeling dirty, me feeling horny and the conundrum of what to do next. I could only think of one compromise that would satisfy both of us (well, mainly me).

“How about I do you in the ass?”



Ironically, she was up for it.Too dirty to take in the vag, but wasn’t fussed about taking it in the sphincter. Bitches be crazy. To say I was delighted would be a the biggest fkn understatement of the year!

I pulled out a small bottle of silicon based anal lube from my bedside dresser. I must admit the way it looked in the light was magnificent. Almost as good as the small peachy ass that was now staring up at me.

A few drops of lube on her O-ring, some fingering and a helluva lot of moaning (from her) and I couldn’t control myself any longer. I had discarded the previous blood soaked condom and even though another one was a mere three feet away I decided to go raw. I managed to squeeze the bell-end in and start thrusting before I pussied out. Raw dogging a bird that I had just met in the ass was a bridge too far for me. I know, I’m such a chode! I rubbered up (again) and went straight in through her backdoor again. She wouldn’t let me go balls deep, but it was still awesome!

After we were done I went into a period of reflection which I am prone to do after a personal triumph . That day I should have been shackled to my desk grinding away my existence for most of the waking hours. Instead I went into town and did my hobby. It’s nice to have such a crazy hobby especially when you manage to pull it off.

Long live Daygame!



Winter is Coming

October started out very promising and turned out to be anything but.

I had some strong leads that I had gotten out on great dates (Czech, German and Moroccan) in September and also a long lead from St Petersburg that was visiting London.

All in all I was quietly confident that at least one of those was going to end up being a +1. To be honest, I was also expecting a “fresh” October notch to bring my monthly total to two and yearly total to 10.

Ahhh, the dangers of counting your chickens before they hatch

October ended up being a dry month. None of the strong leads from September came to fruition and I didn’t even get to see the StP bird. Although this was frustrating it wasn’t the main reason why October was particularly horrible.

Losing leads is bad, but not being able to generate new ones is worse.

Ever since getting back from Wroclaw the streets have been particularly unforgiving both after work and on the weekend.

On average I get some digits every 4-6 approaches in London. This stat factors in sessions that become blow out fests and other (but less frequent) times when I could do no wrong. I didn’t keep a detailed count of my approaches in October but conservatively I reckon my # close ratio doubled, maybe even tripled. I really did feel like I was doused in pussy repellant whilst out on the street.

The mounting frustrations culminated in me losing my shit at beggar outside a Soho pub on Saturday night. On the plus side I did educate him on Social Darwinism and how it was in society’s best interest that he died a slow and painful death.

As if the lack of new leads weren’t indication enough that some self assessment was required!

So when Sunday rolled around I took my dictaphone out to record some sets to analyze post session. That day felt like most of the days gamed during October in terms of flow, weather, approaches, etc and so I had a reflective sample set.

Holy shit!

My sets were horrible. Even the one number I got off a cute Russian, which was prob one of my best sets all month, was so flat and monotonous. I really was surprised at the clear lack of enthusiasm in my voice. You could tell I just really didn’t want to be there. If this was the way I was throughout October then it goes a long way in explaining the lack of entries in my New Digits app.

Throughout the month I think I tricked myself into believing that it was a bad run of luck, or something outside of my control that was to blame for my (lack of) results.

On reflection, this is partially true.

It did start becoming cold from around mid-October. It’s becoming less and less pleasant to be outside.

Why does this matter?

Being outside starts becoming a means to end for “normal” people. More and more will just want to get from A to B without pause or distraction.

As DG’ers this means the margin for error becomes drastically smaller. It’s no time to be doing half arsed sets or hope that you will stumble onto a yes girl. Balance this with the natural desire to head inside / do something else and it begins to dawn that it’s only going to get tougher over the next few months.

What does this mean for me?

I’m not done with 2016 by any stretch. Over the next two months I want a +4 which will take me to 12 for the year and a nice sound bite of one new girl from DG each month. Seeing as I’ve only managed to get a +2 in a month once this year this is a lofty goal. But still very doable.

How to avoid October’s performance repeating itself?

Nail the stop and make sure the open/stack is SUPER STRONG. The opening minute (already so important) becomes critical. They aren’t going to hang around for the enjoyment of being outside. I’m not expecting too many more “easy” sets for the rest of the year.

This is the time of year when the dabblers start to drop off in their droves. It’s when the men get separated from the boys.

Let’s see who’s still around when 2016 rolls into 2017

Book Review – DBATS Part 2

Death by a Thousand Sluts – Part 2. Author: John Bodi. 2016. 361pp.


The second installment picks up where the first one left off and spans most of 2013. In the clichĂ© sense, it covers Bodi’s ‘coming of age’ phase in the player’s journey as life between approaches 177 – 1,000 is documented. The initial excitement/horror of DG is somewhat over and it’s time to bed down the skill set. Not because he wants to but because (and by his own admission) he has no other choice.


OK, the book itself is a memoire but it is written as a highly stylized and dramatic story. The literal facts of what happened take a backseat to the figurative emotional rollercoaster that is Bodi’s life. It follows pretty much the same structure as Part 1:

Bodi reflects, Bodi does DG, Bodi has a measure of success, Bodi has a setback, Bodi has a meltdown, Bodi has Haribo (or equivalent), Bodi tries something else, repeat.

But the writing in Part 2 does such a better job in capturing whatever mood is being portrayed throughout the phases. I cannot emphasize this point enough.

When there is a period of darkness/frustration the sentences become short and are jammed together. As you read through you are bombarded with what I call ‘Bodi prose’ until your mind is overwhelmed. Now contrast that to when there is a period on enlightenment/success when the writing becomes lofty and almost Dickensian. Everything is free flowing and the sentence structure becomes so long winded Bodi might as well be wearing a toga and floral wreath.

These are the two extremes in the writing style, but there is plenty in the middle. Point being is that don’t expect a steady monotonous pace. Not surprisingly, it’s hard to read too much in any one sitting before the brain begins to fry. Christ, imagine living through it!

A Dark Comedy?

Let’s not mince words, most (inc me) who will buy this book won’t be looking to learn anything new. They want a good laugh and to read about plenty of pain! In that sense the book delivers, as sadistic as that actually sounds. I won’t give away too much but there are quite a few stories that will have you crying in laughter. I know because when I went to re-read some of the more favourable ones the actual pages were rippled from the dried tear marks that now act as permanent bookmarks!

This upon reflection is Bodi’s niche. Overwhelmingly DG is littered with rejections, struggles, near misses, and other less documented and far less favourable outcomes. No one in the community likes to speak of these because we do (and should) focus on the successes which (when you get them) far outweigh the many ‘failures’. So when someone comes along and puts the ‘failures’ on paper in a highly amusing and yet representative manner it makes for thoroughly good reading.

Don’t get me wrong, Bodi does have a decent run of success which the book goes through. But given Part 2 is only up to 1,000 sets there is an aura of inevitability that further pain is just around the corner.

I mean, has anyone nailed the player lifestyle in 1,000 sets? Nope, and Part 2 doesn’t try and disguise this fact.

Supporting Characters

A lot of effort has gone into bringing the supporting characters into the narrative. This includes coming up with languages for each of them and also Forest Gump’esque chocolate references.

The RSG guys are there as a significant part of the book revolves around life in Chateau Hampstead. Steve Jabba and his Google Ad words feature in the latter stages. But the one supporting character that is omnipresent throughout is Nick Krauser. I like to consider myself a pretty sharp fellow, but trying to describe the relationship (no homo) between Bodi and Krauser as its written here is far beyond me!

The contrasts between all of them and how they react/respond to different situations is brilliant. Makes you realise the types of scallywags and misfits that DG seems to naturally attract!

Should you buy it?


If nothing else it is a very well written and entertaining book for the 20 odd quid it costs.

I wouldn’t recommend reading it before DG sessions though. Some of the imagery is too hard to shake off quickly if you intend on going out and interacting with ‘normal’ people 🙂

Wroclaw – Pleasant, but plain

I’ve just returned from a weekend scouting trip to Wroclaw, Poland. I had never been before and so the purpose was two fold; 1) visit a new city and 2) decide whether it’s worth going back in 2017 for a longer stretch. A ‘try before you buy’ proposition.

MrW had arrrived during the week for the start of a 10 day Poland jaunt so he had mapped out the city before my arrival.

Overall the city has decent logistics for DG. There is the large pedestrian only Old Town, some busy roads leading to/from the Old Town and 3 shopping centres. Wroclaw also has a large student population and being October uni was in full swing.

However it seems that all of the DG action occurs during the week instead of the weekend. MrW noted the sharp drop off in volume from Friday to Saturday. This was also confirmed by another London DG’er who had also been in town for a few days before my arrival.

That said, it was far from a ghost town. There was a bit to shoot at, but, if I’m perfectly honest the quality was not what I expected. Most of the girls were just very plain looking in physical appearance and also fashion sense. From what I saw over the two days (which I acknowledge is not long enough to get a definitive judgement) the city has a dress down culture/vibe to it. A lot of times going into set I felt uninspired and hardly brimming with energy. Most sets were borderline approach/don’t with the guilt of not opening being the deciding factor. Yeah, great vibe I was projecting as you could imagine!

However, the girls are definitely receptive to DG. No harsh blow outs and there was generally excitement shown in more cases than not. It’s not the kind of place where a large emergency supply of haribo would be required.

A couple of flakey no’s that led to nothing and by early Saturday evening I had already made up my mind that the place is not worth dropping actual annual leave on.

With that decision made there was only one thing left to do. Piss up!

Wroclaw has a decent nightlife and all the watering holes are within walking distance of each other in the Old Town. Again, very approachable girls in the bars/pubs. Gutter game and nightgame are worthy of serious consideration. Unfortunately this realisation only dawned on me once the drink count was well into double digits. My retardation level came close to hitting the high water mark by the wee hours of Sunday morning.

A fun night out in the end at the expense of a few billion brain cells and most of Sunday day. Not that it would have made much use anyway, Sunday was even quieter than Saturday.

So overall, yeah, nice enough city and it’s always good to visit new parts of the world. But I’m in no rush to go back.



Changing it Up


So throughout September I’ve been trying something that I have ALWAYS avoided in the past.

Going out approaching after work.

Not just Friday after work, but Mondays-Thursdays when I didn’t have plans. Not going home first either, it was bring a change of clothes to work or more recently straight out wearing Corporate attire.

Why the change? I was really starting to dislike my weekend schedule whilst in London.

My weekends this year have been almost exclusively set aside for generating leads. All other activities (inc dates) would be assessed on their impact to this goal. If the impact was likely to be negative, the activity would seldom be undertaken. Start after lunch on both days and go through until the evening. It was all about having enough in the funnel come Sunday night to pipeline dates for midweek. New leads or no leads by the end of the weekend I would not only be physically exhausted but feeling glum upon the realisation that the next ‘plausible’ time to go out would be a minimum 5 days away.

Now I’m not complaining per-se, this zealot like commitment over the past 9 months had FINALLY resulted in the one thing I’d been craving more than anything else… A degree of consistency in my results.

But each weekend was starting to feel like Groundhog Day. I could feel some DG revulsion creeping up.

Upon getting back from Bordeaux in late August I knew that if I didn’t change something I would burn out and take a ‘break’ which would kill the momentum I’d built up over the year.

I picked after work approaching because I knew deep down I had been avoiding it for untested reasons. Like most weasels / limiting beliefs / being a pussy in DG; it’s the irrational thought of something untried that puts you off more than the ‘pain’ of actually doing it.

So I’ve spent most of September heading out after work when I didn’t have plans. Sometimes with a wing, sometimes solo.

I’ll save the specifics for another post. But suffice to say the first couple of sessions sucked, then the next few got a little better, then a little better still and, well, you get the point.

The most noticeable change* is what it has done to my weekend in only one month. The below is what the weekend just past looked like vs the description above which is a neat summary for pretty much all of the other ones.


Saturday afternoon: 2nd date in Canary Wharf with tall Czech that ended up with successful bounceback. Unfortunately no sex due to nuclear LMR. All good, she re-initiated texting the following day so not all is lost.

Saturday evening: Initially met up with MrW and MrP for a drink. Then Roy Walker and Xants dropped by. In the end SEVEN scallywags sinking pints and whiskey outside the White Horse in Soho whilst popping off sets intermittently. Even though game/red pill were never far away from the conversation the night had more of a boys night on the lash feel than a PUA fest.

Sunday lunch/afternoon: Put a massive dent in Bodi’s new book whilst sitting on the sofa eating left over pizza. Googled Bathmate Goliath model because I just had to know.

Sunday late afternoon: A few sets solo in Central before first date with Moroccan frame controller in Covent Garden. Left her intrigued and now she is chasing me. Looks promising.

Sunday early evening: Met MrW for a quick feed and then a wander around Oxford Street for the last session of the week.

Sunday late evening: Feeling relaxed, energised and looking forward to Monday night and the chance to get some more leads.

Now I’m not saying I’m never going to do big sessions on the weekend ever again. But there comes a time when you realise that the status quo just can’t continue. At that point you either change it up, or pack it in and go home.

I know which one I’d rather do.


* Not including intensifying my desire to leave the self imposed prison that is working in an office.

What I'm saying, what is our life? Our life is looking forward or it's looking back. That's it. That's our life. Where's the moment?