Long Weekend Latvian

I can’t even remember the last time I stayed in London over a long weekend. I’ve always found that game in cities over a public holiday weekend is more miss than hit. More approachable girls leave town than come in, so why fight the odds and stick around? Yeah, even up until mid-week I was toying with the idea of heading off and rolling the dice on a three day trip somewhere. But in the end decided I decided to stay put. After all, the Istanbul/Baku waste of time jaunt wasn’t that long ago and the Moscow jaunt isn’t that far off.

Good choice it seemed 🙂 Continue reading “Long Weekend Latvian”

Tempting Turkish Titties

The Saturday session was coming to a close, my first decent one since returning from SPB. After rolling solo that afternoon I had met up with Roy Walker and we were on our way to meet the City Daygame boys for a Thai feed.

As we walked past Oxford Circus I spotted a slim, dark haired girl on her own wearing a leather jacket. She was leaning up against the railings blissfully staring at the madness that is Oxford Street on a Saturday night. A definite new arrival to London I thought.  Continue reading “Tempting Turkish Titties”

SPB in Winter – It’s all about Galeria

Eight nights in SPB came to an end on Sunday and a few days back in London has given my time to reflect on the trip.

Overall it was a success not only because I got laid but more importantly it was my first solo notch abroad. Come to think of it, I got my first solo notch at home last year also in February. I wonder what milestone awaits me in February 2018?!  Continue reading “SPB in Winter – It’s all about Galeria”

Russian Snow Bunny – Same Day De-Lay

It was Friday, two more nights were left of my SPB trip. Three dates with the Siberian had amounted to nothing and I was struggling to get any of my other leads out that night.

Not enough time left to # close a new girl just to try to get her out Saturday. I wanted to get laid on this trip which meant I couldn’t waste any part of the day or night. Continue reading “Russian Snow Bunny – Same Day De-Lay”

Let the season begin…

I’m sitting in the departure lounge at Heathrow trying to figure out how the last two months have already flown by.

It only felt like a week ago when I’d pulled up stumps for 2016 just before Xmas. Take a couple weeks off to regenerate and the get back out there for the winter slog just like last year. Continue reading “Let the season begin…”