Minsk Review… Marvelous!

The last proper Eurojaunt for the year and as the cliche goes “the best is saved until last”. Minsk was always high up on the places to visit list but until you go to a new city you never really know what lies in wait for you. Would it turnout out to be another St Petersburg (my favourite DG city abroad) or maybe it would end up being a Baku equivalent.

Bah humbug, after two weeks back in London to reminisce on the trip I can safely say that Minsk is one of my favourite DG cities to visit. Continue reading “Minsk Review… Marvelous!”


Double Near Miss on the last night in Minsk

There will always be near misses in DG. It’s too fluid to just have lays at one end of the spectrum and blowouts at the other. There is a vast middle ground where most of the experiences lie. One of the more frustrating events is the near miss.

But what makes a near miss?

The lads and I put our heads together earlier this week to come up with a standard definition. This wasn’t for mind wank purposes as the previous weekend had some near miss contenders from both Minsk and in London.

The following was the general consensus of what we saw as being required to claim a near miss:

  1. You have to be in a place where sex can practically happen; and
  2. There has to be some type of nudity; and
  3. You have escalated her to the point where her next decision is either sex or no-sex with the latter being chosen.

Now this is obviously very subjective and people are free to come up with their own definitions. But for the purposes of this post and more importantly the Shameless Shanty WhatsApp group, this is the base-line definition.

Now back to last Saturday in Minsk, the last full day/night of the jaunt. Continue reading “Double Near Miss on the last night in Minsk”

Beaming Belorussian Beauty

Going back to Monday afternoon.

After number closing the nutcase biker chick┬áthe very next set was easily one of the cutest birds I’d seen on the trip thus far. Anna was a short, blue eyed blond with the softest little face and a smile that could melt the polar ice caps. She was running around doing some daily chores when our paths would cross late that afternoon.

She would tell me a couple of nights later that the way we met was quite unexpected and maybe it had something to do with fate or destiny.

My thoughts on the encounter are more simplified, I was on a good run. A bloody good run. Continue reading “Beaming Belorussian Beauty”

Minsk Biker Chick and Juggling Act feat. Mr W (Part 2)

Recapping where we last left off.

I had just captured the Belorussian flag through some strange circumstances, Mr W was attempting to capture one of his own, Dasha had slipped off to kitchen to call her BF and not long after screaming followed.

The story continues. Continue reading “Minsk Biker Chick and Juggling Act feat. Mr W (Part 2)”

Minsk Biker Chick and Juggling Act feat. Mr W (Part 1)

All’s well that ends well. The 7th night of the Minsk jaunt and two flags were captured. One for me and one for Mr W.

Except the drama of trying to bounce back two birds from the same date venue at roughly the same time.

Let me paint you the picture.

Fair warning, this a long post. Continue reading “Minsk Biker Chick and Juggling Act feat. Mr W (Part 1)”

Baku Boredom

This is a well overdue post.

Back in April Mr W and I took off on a eight night jaunt to Baku, Azerbaijan. A far away city of two million people on the Caspian Sea. Trailblazers we were. Not a single DG’er I know or had heard of had been to the city and the idea of being the first ones to tap a potential gold mine was very appealing.

Maybe we would discover the lost city of poonani, a pussy paradise that had yet to be infested by the hordes of hobbyist gamers. Or maybe it would end up being a complete waste of time.

From the title of this post and given that the trip was over three months ago, you can pretty much guess which one it was. Yeah, nothing ever came of Baku jaunt despite such high hopes. Continue reading “Baku Boredom”

A Victory for Logistics (Lay Report)

Moving into our new flat at the beginning of July GG and I marveled at its location. A few minutes stroll from Oxford Street and the street is littered with bars, cafes, restaurants, etc.

“You can’t get much better than this for logistics” I proclaimed. “Yeah, every girl is a potential SDL or at least bounceback material” he followed up with. I couldn’t fault his logic.

It felt like being on a Eurojaunt [1]. The main DG strip, date venues, bars, supermarkets, everything needed all within 100 meters of one another. A tiny little world of self indulgent debauchery and we were its favourite tenants. Even the girls where the circumstances are less than ideal will remain in play down to logistics alone.

This was one such occasion.

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