The Battle of Moscow

I spent just over two weeks in Moscow which was my longest Eurojaunt to date. Whilst I had a really good time, Moscow really is a great city, the DG was the toughest I had experienced in recent memory.

Along for the ride was Roy Walker and due to travel schedules aligning Krauser, Mr Arr and right at end of my trip Gollum the Gamma (GG) were also in town. A small paramilitary force was forged and, hyperbole aside, it really did feel like it was us vs the city of Moscow.

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Last Minute Lay

Another trip to Russia, another roller coaster ride, another lay on the penultimate night to rescue the trip from failure. It’s almost as if flying to a foreign country to try and fuck hot birds you’ve never met before (without paying) is a difficult thing to do…

In this case the lay was easy. The rest of the trip was DEFINITELY not. More on the trip in another post. Let me fill you in on what happened with this bird.

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Long Weekend Latvian

I can’t even remember the last time I stayed in London over a long weekend. I’ve always found that game in cities over a public holiday weekend is more miss than hit. More approachable girls leave town than come in, so why fight the odds and stick around?

Yeah, even up until mid-week I was toying with the idea of heading off and rolling the dice on a three day trip somewhere. But in the end decided I decided to stay put. After all, the Istanbul/Baku waste of time jaunt wasn’t that long ago and the Moscow jaunt isn’t that far off.

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Tempting Turkish Titties

The Saturday session was coming to a close, my first decent one since returning from SPB. After rolling solo that afternoon I had met up with Roy Walker and we were on our way to meet the City Daygame boys for a Thai feed.

As we walked past Oxford Circus I spotted a slim, dark haired girl on her own wearing a leather jacket. She was leaning up against the railings blissfully staring at the madness that is Oxford Street on a Saturday night. A definite new arrival to London I thought.  Continue reading “Tempting Turkish Titties”

SPB in Winter – It’s all about Galeria

Eight nights in SPB came to an end on Sunday and a few days back in London has given my time to reflect on the trip.

Overall it was a success not only because I got laid but more importantly it was my first solo notch abroad. Come to think of it, I got my first solo notch at home last year also in February. I wonder what milestone awaits me in February 2018?!  Continue reading “SPB in Winter – It’s all about Galeria”

Russian Snow Bunny – Same Day De-Lay

It was Friday, two more nights were left of my SPB trip. Three dates with the Siberian had amounted to nothing and I was struggling to get any of my other leads out that night.

Not enough time left to # close a new girl just to try to get her out Saturday. I wanted to get laid on this trip which meant I couldn’t waste any part of the day or night. Continue reading “Russian Snow Bunny – Same Day De-Lay”

Let the season begin…

I’m sitting in the departure lounge at Heathrow trying to figure out how the last two months have already flown by.

It only felt like a week ago when I’d pulled up stumps for 2016 just before Xmas. Take a couple weeks off to regenerate and the get back out there for the winter slog just like last year. Continue reading “Let the season begin…”